May 9 – April 27, Book of Isaiah with Dr Michael Crane


How do we understand God’s sovereignty when the world isn’t going the way we think it’s supposed to go? The Book of Isaiah has been a favorite Old Testament book by many for its piercing challenges to the people of God as well as to governments. Written 2,700 years ago, it addresses issues of human sinfulness in its many manifestations and how God promised to intervene through the sending of the Messiah.

Isaiah is a rich storehouse of theology and helps us bridge from the Old Testament to the New Testament. There are more than 80 references to Isaiah in the New Testament as it announces the Messiah who was to come and gives God’s people hope when human efforts have failed. Isaiah calls us to look to the “Holy One of Israel” as our true source of life. Come join us in the study of this portion of God’s Word.