T.E.A.M Consultation, 22-24 Jan ’19

APBF Theological Education, Aid & Mission Consultation

(APBF T.E.A.M. Consultation – A Tri-Consultation of Three Committees of APBF)

Date: 22 – 24 January 2019

Venue: Kings Green Hotel of Melaka, Malaysia

Theme: Stronger Together

Registration Fee: Minimum USD 135 (All Inclusive: Workbook, Room, and Food)

The ministries of Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) are organized into Mission and Evangelism committee, Theological Education committee, APBAid, Communication committee, and Baptist Youth committee. Each committee functions to assist and enhance the ministries of the member bodies, especially practitioners and resource persons through conferences, forums, and consultations. During 22 – 24 January 2019, APBAid and Theological Education, and Mission and Evangelism committees will be holding a joint consultation in Melaka, Malaysia. Together the committees will address urgent and vital needs in our region.

The challenges our region faces are complicated and interrelated. Our region is the least evangelized, yet we are hopeful for the church is growing. Being the cradle of all of the world’s major religions, many of our member body churches face constant religious persecution and severe oppression. Our region also experiences serious and recurring natural disasters and human-made catastrophes and adversities. For this reason, the above three committees will be holding a joint consultation to explore together our problems and, moreover, to assist our member bodies to deal with them. Through the sessions prepared, we will empower one another with our knowledge, skills, and experiences. We will be “Stronger Together” through the sharing of our thoughts, experiences, and resources.

Specifically, in this consultation, the mission and evangelism committee will create sessions led by experts to explore ways in which the Baptist churches that exist as a minority group amidst dominant religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam can do ministry within such contexts. The sessions will also include workshops in which the experts and participants can together discuss methods applicable to each participant’s circumstance. Most importantly, the committee plans to explore ways of introducing Baptist faith to the countries in which we are not yet formally organized.

One of the greatest challenges of the Theological Education Committee has to do with the linguistic and cultural diversity of our region as well as the vastly different educational needs and levels of our region’s ministers and theological faculty. In this consultation, the committee will target to deliver the needs in Tracks A and B. The track A will be explore doctrines, specifically the work of Christ and salvation. The key contents will be based on Scripture and historical theology. The sessions will also include how the orthodox doctrines can be contextualized into the participants’ cultural ethos. Track B will explore theological and ethical meanings of national borders, citizenship, and disasters.

One focus of APBAid will be on issues in disaster relief: progress, perpetual problems and possible solutions.  Other foci of APBAid will be on the approaches of the church to peace building in times of conflict; community development and the role of  participation and social accountability; the spectrum of self-help groupss and micro and small enterprise approaches to economic development in mobilizing community and ongoing building of economic, social and human capital; and issues in human trafficking that the church community can address. Collaboration will be the key factor to a successful implementation of all such programs.  Cross-cutting issues such as the relation of mission and taught theology to program implementation by churches will be explored.

Finally, from this consultation, APBF will issue certificates to those who participate in the sessions especially to assist those who need theological credentials.

So, be there brothers and sisters in Melaka, Malaysia during 22 – 24 January 2019!

More details about the Consultation schedule and program, as well as how to register for the Consultation will be shortly loaded onto APBF website (www.apbf.info/TEAMConsultation2019).  Inquiries can be made by email to TEAMConsultation2019@apbf.info

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