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Psalm 7:17 I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness; I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High

詩 篇 7:17我 要 照 着 耶 和 华 的 公 义 称 谢 他 ,歌 颂 耶 和 华 至 高 者 的 名 。

Praise the Lord! MBC celebrated its 69th Anniversary in July 2022. The first Baptist church was established on 21st October 1938 in Alor Setar. As of today, MBC has 91 registered churches member from all over Malaysia.


MBC has indeed journeyed through some wonderful and memorable experiences and would like to encourage Baptist churches to ‘Lengthen Thy Cords and Strengthen Thy Stakes’ – Isaiah 54:2. This passage speaks on strengthening the church through church growth strategies/developments as well as expanding our ministries by lengthening our cord through mission and community services. We hope to network churches, pastors and leaders to break new ministry grounds together.

联会经历了一些美好而难忘的经历, 也鼓励众浸信教会“放长你的绳子,坚固你的橛子” – 以赛亚书54:2. 这段经文谈到通过教会成长策略/发展来加强教会,以及通过宣教和社区服务拉长我们的绳索达到扩大的事工。我们希望与教会、牧者和领袖建立网络并共同开辟新的事工领域。