Baptist New Work Fund

A fund to assist Baptist church-planting initiatives.

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  1. A one-time grant of up to RM20,000 will be provided on a matching basis. The sponsoring church must match the amount of the requested grant on a one-to-one basis. No request for additional funding will be entertained.
  2. If the sponsoring church has adequate funds to support the new church start on its own, it is not eligible to apply for a matching fund grant.
  3. Funds from such a grant can only be used for rental expenses and equipping or outfitting the premises. Funds cannot be used to pay the salary(ies) of church pastoral leadership for the new church start.
  4. Church requesting a grant for starting a new church must submit a feasibility study along with their application. This feasibility study must include the following information:
    • A brief history and description of the sponsoring church including such details as: the number of paid and volunteer staff (full and part- time); the number of church members; the average attendance at weekly worship services; the average weekly offerings of the church; a current financial statement of the sponsoring church; and any other information pertinent to this church’s ability to successfully develop and provide ongoing support for a new church start.
    • A vision statement representing what the sponsoring church sees as their God- given vision for the new church start. This might include a description of the area and the people group being targeted, and justification for why such a church start is needed in this location and among this people group.
    • A mission statement that provides details on how the church plans to accomplish their God- given vision for the new church start.
      The study must provide a detailed description of the planned location for the new church start.
    • The study should provide population demographics related to the number of existing churches of all denominations within a two mile radius of the proposed location for the new church start.
    • The study should provide an approximate church-to-population ratio for the area of the new church start.
    • The study should provide detailed information of the ethnic makeup of the targeted area (approximate percentages of Malay, Indian, Chinese and other ethnic groups) within a two mile radius of the proposed new church start.

5. The sponsoring church must also include with their application a comprehensive church panting plan with which includes the following information:

    • A budget for the operation of the new church start.
    • The proposed structure and model which be employed to develop the new church start (Examples includes: traditional church model developed around a core group from the sponsoring church, home Bible study groups, cell- groups; etc).
    • A description of how the sponsoring church will provide leadership and leadership training for the new church start.
    • A long-range financial plan noting how the sponsoring church or new church start will meet its financial obligation after the funds from the initial grant are depleted.
    • The church must also submit an annual report related to the new church start including such criteria as average weekly attendance, offerings, year- end financial report, etc.

These guidelines will supplement existing policies and procedures related to the Fund for Starting New Baptist Churches.