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MBC “Pastors’ CARE-Link”

Our Vision:
MBC seeks to provide encouragement and support for the well-being of our Baptist Pastors through a process of CARE, CONCERN, & COUNSEL.

We endeavour to:

  1. Initiate the Pastors’ Appreciation Day in Member Churches
  2. Provide Financial Assistance to Pastors in their time of need
  3. Provide Care & Counsel for our Pastors
    1. 1. To initiate the Pastors’ APPRECIATION DAY.
      1. MBC will encourage all Baptist Churches to set aside a specific Sunday in October every year to appreciate their Church Pastors. This will be done through the Church’s Board/Council/Leaders for their Pastors.
      2. MBC will provide, if needed, a full Sunday Service programme for the “Pastors’ Appreciation Day”.
      3. A special acknowledgment & appreciation letter from MBC will be sent out to the Pastors on this occasion.
  1. 2. To provide *FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE to Pastors in times of need.
    1. For Medical Assistance to a Pastor: MBC will offer financial assistance of RM3000.00 be given as a one-time love gift to Pastors needing medical assistance in serious ailments, operations & life-threatening medical conditions.
    2. In the event of the Death of a Pastor: a love-gift of RM1000.00 is given to his/her family members.

NB. For your information:

  1. *MBC desires to complement our Churches role in caring for their pastors. As such, we will give assistance through financial help as a provider of last resort. All Financial Assistance listed above will only be made available as & when MBC has the funds to allocate for such purposes.
  2. To note: In wanting to care for all full-time servants of God, NECF has come out with a comprehensive Financial Aid Plan as listed in the “NECF Foundation.”(Refer to NECF Foundation handbook, pg.14)
  1. 3. To provide CARE & COUNSEL to our Pastors in their time of emotional and/or spiritual need.
    1. MBC seeks to come alongside our Pastors when they are discouraged, eg. in the event of “burn-out”, loss of focus/vision, need for restoration, etc.
    2. To provide pastoral care and counselling in said times.
    3. To provide a place of refuge and solace, if needed, with the resources drawn from the MBTS and other partners.


Finances for the MBC “Pastors’ CARE Fund” will be raised from the kind and generous donations from all member Churches and well-wishers. We seek to share this with all our Baptist Churches and request their contribution in the assistance & welfare of all our Pastors.

The “Pastors’ CARE Fund” will be governed by a Pastors’ Care Committee that comprises of a team of capable Lay-Leaders (pref. 3 persons) with the MBC General-Secretary as ex-officio. Together, they will make suitable recommendations to the EXCO for approval of decisions made.

May the LORD grant His grace and manifold blessings to this specific purpose to bring encouragement to all our Pastors in our Baptist Churches.



1。在马浸联会成员的众教会里发起推动 “ 牧师传道人感恩日 ”。

1. 在众教会里发起推动 “牧师传道人感恩主日

1)马浸联会勉励众浸信教会在每年的十月份定下的一个主日来对他们教会的牧师传道人深表感恩和谢意。将由各教会的执事会 / 理事会 / 领袖们来负责策划给他们的牧师传道人。








b:     若仍需要基金援助,可以进一步的透过大马福音联谊会(NECF) 获得基金援助。为了关怀众全职事奉者,大马福音联谊会(NECF)还推动在“大马福音联谊会(NECF)基金会” 所列出一个全面性的基金援助计划 (请参见大马福音联谊会(NECF)基金会手册pg.14)

3. 关怀及辅导给在情感 / 或灵里有需要的牧师传道人

方向 / 异象、需要恢复等的情况下。


牧师传道人关怀基金” 将由牧师传道人关怀委员会管理,委员结构当中有 灵命成熟的信徒 牧者团 / 领袖们(至少荐出3位委员),与当然例席的马浸联会总干事组织这委员会。他们将会在会议上共同作出适当的推荐以及批准的决定。