Our History


  • 17 Apr – Pastors’ Fellowship Lunch in MBC: Speaker was Rev Anselm Siao from Hong Kong
  • 27 June – Pastors Fellowship hosted by  Rev Dr J D Greear and Pr Thomson of Summit Church,Raleigh-Durham, NC, in MBC*
  • 28-29 June – Gospel Above All Mission Conference. Speaker: Rev Dr J D Greear, the 62nd President of Southern Baptist Convention
  • 29 June- Mission Call from the Balkan, Europe. Both Events held in Pantai Baptist Church
  • 6 Oct-Pastors’ Fellowship Lunch hosted by Community Baptist Church. Speaker was Dtk Paul Low on Current Issues and Apologetic
  • 04 Dec- Talk by Dr Peter Ng on Incontinence in Women  Erectile Dysfunction & Overactive Bladder, followed by An introduction to 10-day intensive training in Biblical Preaching and  Church Health by RREACH. MBC hosted the event in the premises of  First Baptist Church, Subang.



  • 29 Aug – Sept 1:  13th Assembly of Asian Baptist Women’s Union
    Venue: Georgetown Baptist Church, Penang
  • Oct 30 – Pastors’ Fellowship Lunch hosted by Community Baptist Church. The message was delivered by the Incoming MBC Chairman Rev Dr Chan Theam Lai



The Pastors’ Fellowship lunch of the Central Region, was revived in Feb 2017. To spearhead the meetings, Pr Richard shared and updated on the building project of Wisma Baptist. The topic of Tax and how churches are subjected to it was next shared at the second pastors’ fellowship lunch on Aug 23, 2017. Ms Lee Yoke Ching a tax consultant spoke on the subject. This was followed by the Pros and Cons of registering churches with ROS and other alternatives on Oct 25. The panel of speakers were Andy Chi from NECF, Lee Min Choon, a prominent lawyer and President of Bible Society and Rev John Kok, Senior Pastor of Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church. Pantai Baptist Church sponsored the lunch.The 64th AMC was held in Rainbow Paradise, Penang.
For year 2016-2017, MBC contributed a total of RM 102,000.00 as relief aid for the Penang Floods, Haiti and Nepal earthquakes and the Jungkong Longhouse fire in Sarawak.MBC co-hosted with Pantai Baptist Church the mission conference: “Towards the Finishing Line” The event was held in Pantai Baptist with overwhelming attendance.



11 Dec: Use Your Hands to Tell A Story Workshop
Venue: M B C



  • Apr 9-10: Pastors and Leaders Seminar
  • Sept 26: Mission Conference
    Venue: Both events in MBC



  • Aug 15, 2012: One Day Seminar in MBC
    Topic: How Church Staff Can Serve Effectively and Joyfully
    Facilitator: Patricia Toh
  • Sep 4-8: 8th APBF Congress
    Venue: Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur



Apr 9, 2011: Women’s Conference
Topic: Women of Grace and Significance Conference
Speaker: Shelley Sorem & Dianne Baker
Venue: Pantai Baptist Church



Rev. Bernard Ang took over from Rev. John Kok as the Chairman of MBC.



MBC Aid fund was used to assist the relief effort in Philippines due to  Durian Typhoon. A special collection was taken to assist with the flooding in Johor, where a special emphasis in assisting SK Canossian Convent in Segamat that had experienced damages caused by the flooding. In partnership with IMB, a team was sent to help with the repair work in the school . MBC Aid started the Medical Aid Appeal for Belenyun, a 11 year old Iban girl that was burned on the body. Initial amount needed was RM50,000. Local Baptist Churches and individual contributed generously towards this fund. 7th ABF Congress held in Ching Mai. Malaysia was represented by 17 people. Sarawak Baptist Church sent two representative. Rev. John Kok was elected as one of the three Vice-President of ABF. ABF changes name to Asia Pacific Baptist Federation. The next congress (1st APBF) will be held in Malaysia in 2012.



Fund raising for the Goldensands Baptist Assembly Development project was launched with the Chinese Christian Opera Night and The Hong Kong Children’s’ Orchestra. The fund needed has been revised upward to RM6 Million. Sabah Baptist Association and the Persatuan Baptis Sabah joined the Convention as members thus making MBC truly The Malaysia Baptist Convention representing Baptists in the whole Malaysia. In the aid front, the Convention with the backing of the Baptist churches were able to partner with the Indonesian brothers to respond to the earthquake in Jogjakarta Earthquake, Indonesia as well as to the Typhoon During disaster in The Philippines The MBLU conducted the first Ladies Day of Prayer in November, challenging the Baptist ladies to come together in the various region or a day of prayer and fellowship. The National Youth camp for the first time was successfully held in Sibu Sarawak. MBC, with the help of the Baptist churches managed to change the Convention car. Sufficient funds was rised to purchased a new car for the office use. MBTS embark on a plan to to purchase a 3-storey building in Bdr Sri Permaisuri to be the centre for the Klang Valley branch at the cost of RM1 Million. In partnership with our fellow Baptists from North Carolina and Baptists from the Klang Valley, Worship Asia was held at MCA hall o.n Sept 27th.



The 52nd AMC was held at GSBA Port Dickson. Approval was given by the messengers to embark on the development of the GSBA property at the cost of RM5.5 million. Sarawak Baptist Church and its member joined the Convention together with three other churches. This brings the membership of the Convention to 76.  During the 5th National Ladies Retreat held in Radius International Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (Aug 22nd-24th) the Malaysia Baptist Ladies Union is officially formed with Dr. Lim Sai Mooi being the first Chairperson of MBLU. This year the Convention through the Education Board held the Asia Baptist Youth Fellowship Conference at Port Dickson with a record attendance of 670 youth from 15 countries.



Rev.Ronnie Chiu was brought in by the Convention to be the General Secretary after the post has been vacant for 16 years. During the 51st AMC, the Convention launched a new 5 years vision. VISIONX208 is a vision that challenges the Malaysian Baptist churches to double the Baptist work in Malaysia by 2008.Dec 26, 2004, Tsunami struck many of the Asian countries. MBC issued a call for the Baptist churches in Malaysia to make a special Tsunami Relief Fund. A total of RM1157,525.22 was collected by 43 Baptist churches and 7 individuals. A total of RM58, 422.72 was distributed out and the balance was re-designated as Malaysia Baptist Convention Aid Fund. This was done to allow the Convention to respond faster if a disaster do occur again.



MBC celbrates her 50th Anniversary in the state where it was first formed, Penang. The MBC history book, “Great things He has done!: A Century of Malaysian Baptist History” by Bobby and Dorothy Evans was launched. All the Baptist churches were given a copy.



SHINE, JESUS, SHINE Evangelistic Rally was the uniting force for all the Klang Valley Baptist churches to reach out to the community. Dr. Billy Kim, the president of the Baptist World Alliance was the speaker.


Malaysian Baptist churches raised RM 150,000.00 to assist families of victims of nipah virus infection. MBC helped the Tamil Baptist churches to form the EAEKAM (fellowship). Its aim was to promote church planting and church growth among the Indians in Malaysia.



Ms Esther Chow who served faithfully for 27 years as secretary for the MBC passed away.



“Ten-Ninety-Five” mission program – the goal was to establish 100 churches and have a total of 10,000 church members in West Malaysia by 1995. Benjamin Ho Sin Nam was appointed to direct this endeavor.


Upon resignation of Isaac Yim, Thomas Ooi was appointed acting secretary cum acting administrator. Baptist handbook was revised. A Historical Commission was established with Wayne Siao Wei Yuan as director.



Isaac Yim Yee Sart was appointed executive director. An MBC diary and directory was printed. East Coast Baptist Fellowship was set up.



MBC appointed Hong Kong Trustee Sdn. Bhd. to be the trustee for MBC properties.


Mission Board was set up to coordinate local and foreign mission work. It replaced the evangelism committee. The mission board actively supported the east cost ministry and the Tamil speaking ministry. MBC printed the BAPTIST HANDBOOK, which included a Statement of Faith, polity and relevant matters that pertained to maintaining a Baptist church.



Tham Weng Kong was employed as Convention secretary. MBC celebrated her silver jubilee. The evangelism department raised funds to send local missionaries to east coast.



In June, the Mission turned over the Baptist Bookstore operation to MBC


M-SBC became two separate conventions, the Singapore Baptist Convention and the Malaysia Baptist Convention



M-SBC participated in the Baptist World Alliance Mission of Reconciliation, which carried out simultaneous evangelistic campaigns world wide. FMB missionary Jack Shelby was appointed as advisor to K-SBC.



M-SBC appointed Pastor Loh Yan Kwong as her second General Secretary. He resigned in 1974.



The Foreign Mission Board gave M-SBC the use of the property at No. 2 Jalan Dispensary, Petaling Jaya as her office. By this time, M-SBC had 17 members. The Convention for the first time decided to have all communication in both English and Chinese.



In May, MBC appointed Wong Chung from Hong Kong as the first general secretary for a three-year term. In line with political changes, the MBC changed its name to Malaysia-Singapore Baptist Convention. Mr. Lai Chan Wah, a member of Seremban Baptist church, donated his whole-life savings of RM 40,000.00 to set up the first seminary scholarship fund. By only 1980, though donation by well-wishers, the fund increased to RM64,657.32. Out of it, RM56,226.03 was generously donated by Wgi Nr. Lai.



MBC published its bi-monthly Newsletter. Leaders of MBC made a good will tour to 12 churches to foster closer relationship. The MBC was registered under the Societies Act.


Nation-wide Bible School crusade was carried out. This effort brought Baptist churches together. We had 47 churches and gospel centres of which 11 were members of MBC.



Malaya Baptist Convention changed her name to Malaysia Baptist Convention.



MBC celebrated her 10th Anniversary.
We had a team of 9 Hong Kong pastors to lead in revival and evangelistic meetings in churches.



Nation-wide evangelistic campaign held.
Evangelistic meetings were carried out in all the 14 organized Baptist churches in Malaya, nine of which were members of MBC.



Malaysia Baptist Convention became a member of the Baptist World Alliance.
10-cent-a-day Mission Fund – the Women Missionary Union and youths from MBC churches helped to promote this campaign. As a result, MBC was able to buy a van to carry out evangelistic meetings in different parts of the west coast of Malaya.



August 16 – Malaya Baptist Convention was officially organized in Penang, with five charter members:

  • Oversea Chinese (Swatow) Baptist Church, Alor Star, Kedah
  • Penang Baptist Church, Penang
  • Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church, Kuala Lumpur
  • Oversea Chinese (Cantonese) Baptist Church, Singapore
  • Oversea Chinese (Swatow) Baptist Church, Singapore